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Bring Along List

Weather in Western Alaska is always unpredictable and frequently downright miserable. The following checklist represents the clothing and equipment you should bring along.

Most of the time weather is 30 to 55 degrees, and this is only a suggest list.  But make sure you have two items, Very good rain gear, and ankle fit hip boots.

2 Pair Long Underwear (medium weight)
1 Light Jacket
1 Medium Weight wool/fleece jacket
1 Pair Gore-Tex Hunting Boots (broken in)
1 Pair Camp shoes
2 Flannel or Chamois Shirts
1 Pair Wool Pants
2 Pair Cotton pants or Jeans
2 Heavy Weight Wool Shirts
1 Pair Gore-Tex gloves
1 Pair Hip boots - Insulated
6 Pair Good and Heavy Socks
1 Wash cloth
1 Towel
2 Caps - Baseball and Stocking
1 Rain Suit, Gore-Tex w/hood, good one!
2 Prescription medications, (extra one in case of loss)
1 Pair Binoculars 8-10 power
3 Boxes of Ammo
1 Pair Sunglasses
1 Flashlight, Garrity Throwaway Type is very good
1 #30 Sun screen
1 Chapstick/Lip Protectant
1 Day Pack/Fanny Pack
1 Camera (3 rolls film if applicable and batteries)
1 Sleeping bag - Synthetic (at least –0 degree)
2 Mole Skin Kits for Blisters
1 Alarm Clock Travel Type
3 Kleenex Packs
1 Gun cleaning kit
1 Pair Ski Goggles - Scott Brand Amber Lens
1 Head Sock for snowmobiling
Pair of waterproof Gaitors to help keep snow out of your boots

Pack clothes in soft luggage bags like duffle bags. Waterproof bags are best. Hard gun cases for airline travel must have locks. Bring a soft gun case for use with us. This is a must!  DO NOT BRING CHEAP RAIN GEAR - IT WILL LEAK!

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